New York and Lake County, Illinois: Additions to Existing Pages

It’s been a busy week, but there are a couple of new things to explore for New York and Illinois at the Advancing Genealogist!

The Historic New York Case Law page has grown with the addition of:

  • thirteen volumes of Abbott’s Cyclopedic Digest of All the Decisions of All the Courts of New York From the Earliest Time to the Year 1900;
  • seven of the eight-volume supplement (I’m missing volume 6), Abbott’s Digest of All New York Reports, Supplement in Eight Volumes From January 1, 1900 to January 1st, 1913, Continuing Abbott’s Digest 1794 to 1900, 13 Vols. With Table of Cases and Topical References From 1794 to 1913;
  • the four-volume second supplement, Abbott’s Digest of All New York Reports, Second Supplement 1913-1917, A Continuation of Abbott’s Digest 1794 to 1900, and Supplement Thereto, 1900 to 1912, in a Uniform Classification; and
  • Table of New York Cases, 1794-1912.

These additions essentially provide an index to published New York appellate court decisions from 1794 to 1917. Remember that digests summarize points of law in a case, so when a case of interest is found in a digest check the relevant case reporter to get a meatier summation of the case.

Those with Lake County, Illinois, roots or real estate will enjoy exploring the 35 Sanborn Fire Insurance maps linked to in the Maps section of the Lake County, Illinois: Resources Online page. The maps are free to view, compliments of the Library of Congress.


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  1. Larry Klauser says:

    Very informative, Debbie. Thanks!

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