Introducing Historic Indiana Statutes

I had Indiana ancestors named Smith who bore common given names. Gee, thanks, unimaginative grand-folks.

Some of my ancestral couples, mostly from elsewhere, who stopped in Indiana for a spell, and (some of whom) headed elsewhere are:

  • Isaac Caywood (b. ca 1778) and Nancy Talbot (b. ca 1776),
  • Thomas Hughell (ca 1780–1834) and Elizabeth Cowgill (1785–1876),
  • Thomas Caywood (ca 1800–before 1880) and Malinda Hampton (ca 1805–after 1880), and
  • Thomas F. Smith (1805–1871) and Purthenah Hughell (1808–1862).

They were in the following counties (in no particular order): Franklin, Rush, Shelby, and Johnson.

I promise I am forgetting someone and somewhere. Dates might be more precise in my records. I am not citing sources on these folks today, this is a rush job and not the point of my post. Name-dropping, is all.

Indiana ancestry motivated the newest addition to my online law library, Indiana’s territorial and state statutory laws.

Give a great big welcome to Historic Indiana Statutes!


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2 Responses to Introducing Historic Indiana Statutes

  1. John Boggess says:

    What a wonderful gift … Thank you!

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