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Reminders of a Time

Perhaps it was a mistake. 

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Finding Irish Origins: Part One

Finding an ancestor’s Irish town of origin is a goal for many genealogists. This January, I was able to do that for an ancestral couple. The strategy and resources used might help others who are searching for an Irish ancestral … Continue reading

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Advancing Your Education: Free Webinar, Wednesday, 17 June 2015, Compliments of SCGS

Have you researched your ancestor’s collateral relatives and associates? They often reveal otherwise elusive information about your ancestors. 

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Teaching Your Genealogical Dog a New Trick: Research Plans

Worlds frequently collide for genealogists. Non-genealogical endeavors often hint at genealogy. Our non-genealogy worlds push and pull us back to that beloved discipline. 

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Finding a Comfortable Place Outside of My Comfort Zone: Online Trees. Plus, a Quick DNA Sale!

The great online tree debate is over, at least for now. I read your input and spoke with colleagues. My online tree is a reality.

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Smash and Grab Genealogy, or Deciding Whether to Post an Online Tree

I have not posted a family tree online. I’m not hoarding ancestors.

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Fishing in Another Pond — But Seriously, Folks!

I’ve obsessively checked Ancestry to see if my DNA results would ever come in.

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