Historic South Dakota Statutory Law (External)

Welcome to my Historic South Dakota Statutes page!

The Territory of Dakota was incorporated in 1861. In 1889, the states of South Dakota and North Dakota were created from what remained of the Dakota Territory.

The South Dakota State Library hosts South Dakota session laws from 1890 to present, and compiled laws from Dakota Territory and South Dakota from territorial days to 2003. South Dakota Legislative Branch’s website hosts Dakota Territory session bills from 1997 to present. This combination of sites offers a complete look at South Dakota statutes, and includes Dakota Territory compiled statutes.

This page guides you to the complete collection of South Dakota statutory law at the South Dakota State Library and the South Dakota Legislative Branch website.

I wrote a blog post introducing the South Dakota law page.


Dakota Territory Compiled Laws and South Dakota State Session Laws



Statutory Law Online

1890–Present South Dakota Session Laws South Dakota State Library
1997–Present South Dakota Session Bills, Archived Sessions South Dakota Legislative Branch
Territorial Days–2003 South Dakota Codifed Laws South Dakota State Library

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