Historic Jefferson Territory Law

Welcome to my library of historic Jefferson Territory law! I have only linked one statute book from Jefferson Territory, and one letter to Congress about Jefferson Territory.

Jefferson Territory included land in parts of Kansas Territory, Nebraska Territory, New Mexico Territory, Utah Territory, and Washington Territory. It was short-lived, lasting from 24 October 1859 until 28 February 1861. It was not recognized by the federal government, but the governing body made laws. You can learn more about Jefferson Territory on the linked resources below. 1

(1) “Jefferson Territory,” article, Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferson_Territory : accessed 3 December 2021)


Jefferson Territory Laws



Statutory Law and Resources Online

1860 Jefferson Territory, Letter From the Delegate Elect From the Proposed Territory of Jefferson Google Books
1860 Provisional Laws and Joint Resolutions Passed at the First and Called Sessions of the General Assembly of Jefferson Territory Google Books
Internet Archive
Background Information “Jefferson Territory” Wikipedia