I’m using this area as a place to share great resources and repositories. I hope that you will enjoy the Resources area as much as I will enjoy building it. Check the drop-down menu under Resources above to see resource pages that I have added.

As my site grows I will add more topics, so be sure to check back!

A sampling of my pages:

Adoption Research – Illinois

This page includes information helpful to those conducting post-adoption searches in Illinois adoption cases.

Adoption Resources – General

This page is a springboard for those interested in post-adoption searches, no matter the location. Links to information on adoption history, records access, search registries, links, and suggested reading, it will allow visitors to quickly locate items that relate to their search.

Books for Every Advancing Genealogist’s Shelves

My suggested books page lists a variety of essential books that will help any genealogist to learn and to grow.

Law Library Index

This page leads to The Advancing Genealogist‘s law library.

Historic Illinois Statutes

This page represents a labor of love. It has links to Illinois statutory law ranging from territorial times to the present. Although there is a 50-year gap between 1921 and 1971, another 155 years of Illinois statutory law are represented and immediately accessible through this page.

Indexes to Illinois Statutory Law

Links to indexes to session laws from 1812 to 1968 are found on this page.

Law: Kansas

The Historic Kansas Statutes pages leads to Kansas session laws, compiled laws, and indexes to laws.

Law: New York

This is the hopping off point to access the following pages: Historic New York Statutes, New York Law Indexes and Extras, and Historic New York Case Law.

Lake County, Illinois, Genealogical Societies

Our local genealogical societies are where it all begins. Local meetings, publications, collections, and networking with others are essential for growth as a genealogist. Here are societies from my home county. Perhaps they will interest you. Be sure to support your local genealogical societies.

Lake County, Illinois, Resources Online

This page links to a number of free and subscription sites with Lake County, Illinois, resources online.

Lake County, Illinois: The Leaves of Healing

Find links to a number of digitized issues of The Leaves of Healing, a publication of the former Christian Catholic Church, centered in Zion, Illinois. The church had a worldwide presence.

Unclaimed Funds

This page links to unclaimed funds sites throughout the U.S. and part of Canada. Find your money!

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