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Advancing Your Research: A Peek at a Pennsylvania Presbyterian Newspaper

Chances are an ancestor’s obituary was annoyingly absent from their local newspaper. If the search was limited to a hometown paper, research may have stopped too soon.

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One Dead Horse Thief: Introducing Historic Arkansas Law

William Sawyers’ widow said he was a horse thief who died in an Arkansas prison in August 1874.

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Recent Updates to Existing Pages

Three resource pages on The Advancing Genealogist had updates this week. I rarely announce page updates, but there were interesting additions you might want to peruse.

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On the Loss of Local Resources

Something is weighing on me. It is the loss of resources, especially on a local level. Genealogists can do something to prevent that loss. We need to speak up.

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Advancing Your Reach: Finding Free Digitized Newspapers

I trust you are (perhaps gingerly) settling into 2022, with high hopes, fresh goals, and a plan to advance your personal research. Newspapers contain valuable information for genealogists. Good subscription newspaper databases exist, but you are missing sources if you … Continue reading

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