Expanded Minnesota Original Birth Certificate Access Begins 1 July 2024

Paula Stuart-Warren is an expert on Minnesota genealogical research. She offers great insight on repositories and resources. Her blog, Genealogy by Paula, is an enjoyable read. In August 2023 she wrote about Minnesota’s move to open original birth certificate (OBC) access to adult adoptees on 1 July 2024.[1] I have been eager to share Paula’s news, and here I am finally telling you, six months later!

According to the Minnesota Department of Health website, starting Monday, 1 July 2024, Minnesota-born adoptees who are at least 18 years old may request their original birth certificates. Birth parents named on an original birth certificate may submit a contact preference form indicating their contact preferences.[2]

This expands access to original Minnesota birth records beyond what is allowed now. Currently an adopted person requesting an original birth record must be at least age 19, and the record might be restricted, depending on the wishes of the birth parent/s. The current fee is $13.00. The new law drops the request age down a year and removes the possible birth parent disclosure veto.[3]

See the Minnesota Department of Health website for information and current forms. Remember to recheck as July nears to see if the OBC request form gets an update.

Check out Genealogy by Paula for Paula’s article on Minnesota original birth certificate access, and to see what other wisdom she shares on all things genealogy.

Thanks to Paula for spreading the word on Minnesota’s upcoming changes!

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[2] “Birth records and Adoption,” Minnesota Department of Health (https://www.health.state.mn.us/people/vitalrecords/adoption.html : accessed 26 February 2024).

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