Historic North Dakota Statutes

Welcome to my Historic North Dakota Statutes page!

The Territory of Dakota was incorporated in 1861. The states of North Dakota and South Dakota were created in 1889 from what remained of the Dakota Territory.

The North Dakota Legislative Branch’s website hosts Dakota Territory session laws from 1862–1889, and North Dakota state session laws from 1889–present. My tip is to click the year or session of interest, then click chapter categories. From there click on the topic of interest for a download of relevant statutes. Another option is to click on the [Year] Session Laws link under “General Content.” That option is for a download of that year’s entire session law book. It can take a while to download a full book, but they sure are fun to browse! The digital download allows you to search the volume. The search function on the website appears to only search back to 1997.

This page guides you to the complete collection of North Dakota statutory law at the North Dakota Legislative Branch website. Enjoy!

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Dakota Territory Session Laws and North Dakota State Session Laws



Statutory Law Online

1862–1889 Dakota Territory Session Laws North Dakota Legislative Branch
1889–Present North Dakota Session Laws North Dakota Legislative Branch
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