Advancing Your Education: Free Webinar on Transcribing Documents

If you want to learn about transcription, LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson will present a webinar on the topic on Tuesday April 16, 2019!

Transcribing Documents: There is More Than Meets the Eye introduces the essential skill of transcription, which helps a researcher to better read a document. Employing this skill allows greater understanding and analysis of the data a document contains. LaBrenda uses a series of record examples to show the power of transcription.

The webinar is free when it airs, and the recording is free for one week after the presentation. Register to attend at Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

LaBrenda’s webinar is amongst the The Board for Certification of Genealogists’ popular monthly webinar series at Legacy Family Tree Webinars. All are welcome to attend.

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2 Responses to Advancing Your Education: Free Webinar on Transcribing Documents

  1. Carol Kuse says:

    WE all seem to have missed the webinar on Tuesday 16 April 2018!

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