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New York and Lake County, Illinois: Additions to Existing Pages

It’s been a busy week, but there are a couple of new things to explore for New York and Illinois at the Advancing Genealogist!

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Advancing Your Education: Free Webinar Today on Assumptions in Genealogical Research

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Introducing Historic Montana Statutes

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about Montana. In 2014, I researched a livestock brand that my family used there. Today I invite you to explore my library of digitized Montana session laws and compiled statutes.

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Introducing Historic Wisconsin Statutes

The Wisconsin Historical Society library houses a collection of Wisconsin session law books. Those aging little volumes hold answers to questions, but a trip to Madison is not necessary to peruse them.

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Advancing Your Education: Free Webinar on Transcribing Documents

If you want to learn about transcription, LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson will present a webinar on the topic on Tuesday April 16, 2019!

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Reading List: Sale on “The Girls Who Went Away”

In December 2014 I told you about a book that I feel is an essential for anyone entertaining the idea of adoption search and reunion work. Good news. There is a (likely temporary) sale on the book’s Kindle edition.

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