Ancestry DNA Sale

Ancestry has announced a sale on their DNA test kits, gift subscriptions, and Family Tree Maker software. The sale starts on Black Friday and ends on Cyber Monday.

UPDATE 12.14.14: The 10% off sale on DNA kits has been extended to 12.26.14. 10% off AncestryDNA ($89). 12/2-12/26

The DNA kit sale price is $79, which is $20 off the regular price, expires 12.1.14. 20% off AncestryDNA ($79). 11/28-12/1

Gift subscriptions are on sale for 20% off, expires 12.1.14. Ancestry gift subscription sale! – 20% OFF. 11/28-12/1

Family Tree Maker software is on sale for 40% off, expires 12.1.14. Ancestry Family Tree Maker – 40% OFF! 11/28-12/1

Remember, the sale starts on November 28th.


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