Fishing in Another Pond — But Seriously, Folks!

I’ve obsessively checked Ancestry to see if my DNA results would ever come in. That almost includes the day I mailed the sample. So, what should happen just now, as I procrastinated on packing for my morning flight to Salt Lake and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy? You guessed it! I clicked on that DNA drop-down one more time, and a new option appeared: “View Your DNA Results.”

The first time I clicked it I got a big blank screen. So I clicked it again, because blank screens are annoying. And just like that, there they were. My matches. All 53 screens of them. For a frame of reference, they began processing the sample on December 22nd. My results arrived in a shorter period of time than suggested on the site’s FAQ.

My closest match is estimated as a third cousin, with an extremely high confidence rating. I just peeked at her tree and I know exactly where she fits. Her grandfather is my great-grandmother’s brother. The two were born just 17 months apart.

She is actually my second cousin once removed. She has no parents listed for her grandfather. Not a one. I can give her at least five generations on his surname line. And yes, she is already in my database. She is one of those people I never quite got around to contacting. When an ancestral couple has hundreds of descendants, it happens.

My ride to the airport leaves in 13 hours. Before then I need to pack, and allegedly sleep. And scan 53 pages of matches.

Who else is waiting in those matches? What sort of fish have I caught?

I wonder how fish are at packing.






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6 Responses to Fishing in Another Pond — But Seriously, Folks!

  1. Donna Robinson says:

    Interesting stuff! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Cindy Dorfler-Hederer says:

    Can’t wait to see who you connect to now Deb!

  3. Beth Benko says:

    Debbie, I mailed my test back almost two weeks ago. My test is still in the “Activated” state. How long does it take Ancestry to acknowledge receipt of the test and move it to “Lab Processing”? I am hoping my saliva is not lost in the mail!

    • debbiemieszala says:

      Hi Beth. I certainly understand how it feels to wait! The kits are run in batches. I do not know what their schedule is for running batches, or if it varies depending on how many kits they have received. My suspicion is you will see it in process soon. Family Tree DNA adds the date the kit was received, but Ancestry DNA does not. Ancestry DNA just shows the date the kit went into processing. Give it another week or two before worrying about it possibly not making it there.

  4. Janet Alexander says:

    The bad news? Test results, regardless of company, feel as though they take forever. Then there are no close matches, matches don’t respond, or the two of you, working diligently, are unable to find the connecting ancestor.

    The good news? Maybe a descendant of your brick wall ancestor will test today.

    Can’t wait to hear how well fish pack.

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