Connecticut Opens Original Birth Certificates to Some Adoptees on 1 July 2015

In just over a week, Connecticut’s Public Act 14-133 will be in effect. That law allows some Connecticut adoptees to obtain original birth certificates.1

On 1 July 2015, adoptees who are at least age 18 and whose adoptions were finalized on or after 1 October 1983 are able to request original birth certificates (OBC) from the state’s department of public health. Requests are to be made via mail using a specific order form. A copy of a photo ID and a check for $65 are to accompany the request.2

By law, an adopted person’s adult child or grandchild is also eligible to request the record.3 At first glance that may appear unlikely given the 1 October 1983 date restriction, but if an adoption was finalized when a child was older, they could potentially be of an age to have adult offspring.

If a birth parent contact preference form or medical history form are on file with the state, relevant information will be shared with the applicant.4

OBCs were not always closed in Connecticut. Before 1975, adult adoptees seeking them had access, but changes in the law restricted that access.

Visit Access Connecticut for additional background and updates on efforts to restore open records, or follow Access Connecticut Adoptee Rights on Facebook.

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