AncestryDNA Sale, 1-6 January 2016

AncestryDNA is offering its popular autosomal DNA kits at 20% off from 1-6 January 2016. Click here after midnight for a quick link to the sale.

The autosomal kits, normally $99 plus shipping, provide autosomal DNA match results on both the maternal and paternal sides of the test-taker’s family. Results are checked against the current database of other testers for potential matches. Autosomal kits also offer some ethnic composition results.

UPDATE: During this sale, it appears that Amazon is also offering Ancestry DNA kits for $79. If you have Amazon Prime, there is no shipping fee. Note that on 1 January these were going into the cart with an additional 20% off for a total of $63.20. This discounted price shows up at checkout.

Happy New Year!

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