Hawaii Opens Adoption Files

Hawaii has a new law.

Act 80 is now listed in the governor’s signed bills. Formerly known as HB 2082 HD1 SD1, this law allows an adopted person age 18 or over, an adoptive parent, or a birth parent, to have access to the papers in an adoption file. There is no option for redaction of names. To review the progress from bill to act, see the Hawaii State Legislature’s site.

In Hawaii the adoption file contains documents including the original birth certificate.

The law’s description on the governor’s website: “Allows adopted individuals who have attained eighteen years of age, adoptive parents, and natural parents unfettered access to the adopted individual’s sealed adoption records.”

I found very little news about the bill being signed into law outside of adoption forums. Perhaps more news and information on the process of obtaining Hawaiian adoption records will be publicized soon.

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  1. My name is Audrey Nettleton-Murphy, I was adopted 1965, in Honolulu Oahu, I was born 6-22-65

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