Introducing Historic Indian Territory Law

The Advancing Genealogist needed to work on a shorter-lived territory this week! Indian Territory fit the bill.

I chose to primarily focus on the period from 1890 to 1906 on my new page, Historic Indian Territory Law. That encompasses the territory from the Oklahoma Organic Act of 1890 to the 1906 Oklahoma Enabling Act. Included are federal acts that impacted the region or its residents (or would eventually, through amendments and subsequent related acts), a book summarizing land laws, information on the failed effort to create the state of Sequoyah, and one of my favorite finds, a seven-volume set of Indian Territory case law covering cases heard from 1896 to 1907! If you are looking for specific people or how points of law were treated in the territory, the case law volumes are chock-full of appellate court battles of all kinds.

My apologies in advance for any missing items.

Enjoy browsing my Historic Indian Territory Law resources!

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