Introducing Historic Dakota Territory and South Dakota Statutory Law

It is fitting to add a historic South Dakota statutory law page after the addition of the same for North Dakota. It was impossible to not build a Dakota Territory page. The Dakota Territory page rehashes some information on the state pages, but there is additional content. The Dakota Territory originally covered more than North Dakota and South Dakota, so a dedicated page makes sense.

The South Dakota State Library hosts a state session law collection from 1890 to present, and compiled laws from the Dakota Territory and South Dakota. The South Dakota Legislative Branch hosts archived sessions from 1997 to present.

Session laws of the Dakota Territory from 1862 to 1889 are hosted by the North Dakota Legislative Branch. Dakota Territory background information is found on the State of North Dakota Courts website. For information on how territorial records were divided, see the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Head to my Historic South Dakota Statutes page to get links to session laws from South Dakota from 1890 to present, archived sessions from 1997 to present, and South Dakota codified laws from territorial days to present.

For the Dakota Territory, see my Historic Dakota Territory Law page to get links to Dakota Territory background information, records division information, Dakota Territory session laws from 1862 to 1889, and codified laws.

Happy hunting!

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