Introducing Historic Minnesota Statutes

I am a fan of original content. Each of my law library pages takes hours to build. Finding and compiling online resources and adding them to the website takes time. When a new page is published, I hope it will help someone to find what they seek.

When a state already has a fantastic compilation of law links, I make a note and focus on a state that needs attention. I intended to finish neglected states before I added states that were already worked on. With six states, a territory, and a special topics page in place, it is time to start adding states that I consider done or a good way there. Questions on when I will build pages for states that I know already have great online collections prompted this compromise. I would like to tackle the entire country myself, but there is not enough time. The information in my master document on “finished” states is not doing anyone else good sitting in my computer.

When I add a state with a significant amount of work done elsewhere, the relevant law library page will have an indicator, such as Historic Minnesota Statutes (External). That page indicates what you will find after you leave The Advancing Genealogist. Links lead to those “finished” collections.

I have done much genealogical research in Minnesota collections, so it seems fitting for it to be the first law page I add in this manner.

And so, I bring you Historic Minnesota Statutes, where you will find a long run of digitized statutory law compiled elsewhere.

Head over to Historic Minnesota Statutes to see how it works.

Happy hunting!

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5 Responses to Introducing Historic Minnesota Statutes

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  2. Jen de Fiebre says:

    This Minnesotan thanks you greatly for this wonderful resource!

    • debbiemieszala says:

      You are welcome! The advanced search feature on the Revisor’s site is really useful. I hope that you find something.

  3. Larry Klauser says:

    Hi Deb:
    The article you provided was very informative. I have spent many hours researching various elements of Minnesota records (New Ulm) as that seems to be where several Bohemian/Germans settled. My ancestors settled in Chicago so I am constantly struggling to find new information. Keep up the good work.

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