How to Find Money Without Sticking Your Hand in the Couch

I thought it would be fun to look forward to a bit of prosperity in 2023 (fingers crossed), and I got the idea to help you find your own money without yanking a kernel of popcorn out of the couch cushions in the process.

Some genealogists make a living off of helping heirs connect with money they had no idea was due them. Trustees search websites to find unclaimed funds for estates that they administer. Not all money we are owed comes from the sort of inheritance seen in movies. Some of it just slips away from us, in small pieces. We move and a utility deposit is never refunded. We stay put and for unknown reasons a mailed check gets returned to sender. Some states hold unclaimed funds forever. Others keep them for themselves after a period of time.

I made a page with links to unclaimed funds search sites for all fifty of the United States, Puerto Rico, and information on outstanding federal funds. Some Canadian Provinces and the Bank of Canada are included. A couple of search sites offer searches of multiple jurisdictions. These are a great way to find those old college utility deposits that you lamented about never getting back.

You might find nothing, or you might end up with a small bit of cash or a larger sum. One thing is certain. A genealogist can always spend found money on another record or book!

To find my Unclaimed Funds page, click here. You can also find it under Resources>Unclaimed Funds.

Let me know if you find anything!

Happy New Year.

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