South Dakota Revises Law on Original Birth Certificate Access

South Dakota’s governor signed HB 1231 into law on 23 March 2023.[1] The law allows an adult adopted person (age 18) to obtain their original birth certificate upon written request and proof of identification.[2]

According to Adoptees United, the state previously required a court process for the release of adoption records.[3]

  • To read House Bill 1231, click here.
  • To see House Bill 1231’s progress, click here.
  • For information about sealed adoption records access and non-identifying information in South Dakota, click here.
  • For information on ordering South Dakota vital records, click here.

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One Response to South Dakota Revises Law on Original Birth Certificate Access

  1. Cindy Jasinski says:

    How wonderful for the adoptees! I have my original certificate from Missouri, which was possible through a similar fight and process.

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