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One Dead Horse Thief: Introducing Historic Arkansas Law

William Sawyers’ widow said he was a horse thief who died in an Arkansas prison in August 1874.

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How to Find Money Without Sticking Your Hand in the Couch

I thought it would be fun to look forward to a bit of prosperity in 2023 (fingers crossed), and I got the idea to help you find your own money without yanking a kernel of popcorn out of the couch … Continue reading

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Introducing Historic Funeral and Cemetery Law Resources

Genealogists want to know more. Names, dates, and places are not enough. Being curious creatures, we realize that we must know the records to fully understand the facts they provide. We need to learn how the sausage is made.

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Introducing Historic New York City Ordinances, Codes, Resolutions, and Extras!

Mary Jane Anderson did not die twice. Tell that to the doctor who completed two New York City death certificates for her in 1881. The story of her death (or deaths) is for another day. The records prompted a research … Continue reading

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Introducing Historic Maryland Law

My earliest ancestors to Maryland arrived in 17331 from what is now Germany. They were named Troud (aka Trout) and Loy (aka Ley or Lye). The lands they settled bore fanciful names like Taskers Chance, Lambson, and Arnold’s Delight.2 In … Continue reading

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Recent Updates to Existing Pages

Three resource pages on The Advancing Genealogist had updates this week. I rarely announce page updates, but there were interesting additions you might want to peruse.

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On the Loss of Local Resources

Something is weighing on me. It is the loss of resources, especially on a local level. Genealogists can do something to prevent that loss. We need to speak up.

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