Introducing Historic Native American Law Sources

The personal names, numerous in this new collection, are not mine to share. Along with the treaties, charters, laws, and hearings this page brings, there are private acts and claims. Both can include names and sometimes relationship evidence. Welcome to Historic Native American Law and Related Resources.

A great set for personal names is the series Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties. Amongst those receiving relief in the way of private acts in the set’s fifth volume are widows (husbands named) and minors receiving land (they may also appear in the General Land Office Records database), payments due for pasturing beef cattle, reimbursement for a teacher’s traveling expenses, and compensation for a school superintendent who was injured twelve years prior. A newspaper article found elsewhere said the superintendent was severely injured when kicked by a horse.

People seeking relief in volume three include a former guard in the Quartermaster’s Department whose depredation claim was held up due to his nativity, a person seeking the value of the timber that was cut from their claim, the enrollment and land allotment of minor children, and a woman whose horses were killed.

If your interest is in public laws, constitutions, and treaties, browse those.

I hope that this page is useful in your research. Enjoy!


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