Louisiana Pre-Adoption Birth Certificates

Adopted persons age 24 and over who were born in Louisiana may request a non-certified copy of their original birth certificate. An order form became available on 20 July 2022.

To obtain an order form, visit the “Pre-Adoption Birth Certificates” page of the Louisiana Department of Health website. Certificate cost is $15 plus a 50 cent transaction fee. Applicants must include a copy of a federal or state photo ID. Get out your stamps, as this is a snail mail process.

Louisiana’s Act No. 470 allows the release of these records. The new law was signed by Governor Edwards on 15 June 2022, and is effective on 1 August 2022. Order forms will be held and processed after that date. To see how the law progressed through the system, visit the Louisiana State Legislature’s website and review HB450.

Biological parents may complete a contact preference form to indicate contact preferences. Options include would like contact, would like contact through an intermediary, or would prefer not to be contacted at this time. Contact preference forms can be updated if a preference changes. The completed form will be placed in the file as a “private communication” from the biological parent to the child. For a contact preference form, visit the “Pre-Adoption Birth Certificates” page of the Louisiana Department of Health website.


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  1. Louisiana Coalition for Adoption Reform says:

    Louisiana Coalition for Adoption Reform along with Bill Author, Rep. Charles “Chuck” Owen passionately advocated for the passage of HB 450 which is now Act 470. Act 470 restores the right to all Louisiana adopted people to access their own original birth certificate upon demand, upon the age of 24. 

    Follow https://www.facebook.com/LaAdoptReform for all accurate and current information regarding the new Act 470, any questions you may have and its implementation 🎉

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